At Manly Community Kindergarten we believe children learn best through play.

Our highly experienced, nurturing educators create a safe, welcoming and stimulating play-based learning environment for your child that:

  • is full of wonder and possibility, provoking curiosity, imagination, creativity and exploration
  • promotes a strong sense of belonging and self belief
  • facilitates warm trusting relationships and interactions with others
  • strengthens resilience, critical thinking, problem solving and intellectual curiosity
  • promotes communication and develops capacity to express and acknowledge feelings.
  • helps develop a life-long love of learning.

We will share in your child’s investigations, passions and discoveries and actively engage, support and extend their thinking through play. Our educators use specific teaching strategies to expand on your child’s disposition for learning and their understandings in literacy, numeracy, and other areas of development. Our experienced educators will build on your child’s strengths and interests through their play, to grow their learning and foster their social and emotional growth.

Our Kindy program embraces Queensland’s Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG), which is informed by the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Click here for more information on the EYLF.

Your child’s learning journey at Manly Kindy

Our journey begins with a focus on social skills, settling and building our community. We establish our daily kindy routines and work together to find out about each others personalities and talents. As we move through the year we work on developing all the skills we know are important for Prep and aim to build a solid foundation of learning and exploration. We encourage all our children to access all areas of the curriculum but enable them to do this in a play based, age appropriate manner. It is important to us that all children develop at their own rate and are the drivers of their own journey, whilst building the foundations for their future learning. This co–constructive approach empowers the children to learn in a way that suits them best, fostering their sense of self now and who they may become.

The kind of things your child will learn with us are:

Social and Emotional Development:

  • Developing their own identity.
  • Friendship building and conflict resolution.
  • Resilience building and emotional literacy.

Language and Literacy:

  • Vocabulary development through stories, games and word play.
  • Auditory awareness and pre reading skills.
  • The art of conversation as a tool to build friendships and exploration of ideas and concepts.


  • Sorting and counting games.
  • Number value and recognition.
  • Developing numeracy concepts – time, money, measurement, shape and space.

Science and Technology:

  • Exploration of ideas and concepts with the aid of a smart board and iPads.
  • Nature and the environment.

The Arts:

  • Dramatic play
  • Exploring musical concepts – tone, beat, rhythm.
  • The influence of art, dance and music in our and others culture.
  • Expressing ideas through different media and skills in all art, dance and music.

Gross and Fine Motor Development:

  • Developing fine motor skills including how to hold a pencil.
  • Climbing, running, jumping, skipping, balance, ball skills, hand eye coordination and spatial awareness.
  • Healthy choices for your body and mind.


We strive to make all parties feel welcome, respected and included. We respect the diversity of families, cultures, values, beliefs, abilities and capacities within our centre. Our educators recognise and value our indigenous heritage and believe it is important to teach the children to respect and value our heritage too. We recognise and embrace the children’s diversity and we support the children in building strong and confident social and cultural identities.