How many days would my child attend?

The kindergarten is split into a Red Group and a Blue Group.

  • Blue Group attend Mon/Tues and alternate Wednesdays
  • Red Group Attend Thurs/Fri and alternate Wednesdays

Children from both groups attend 5 days a fortnight.

Is there a fee for placing my child on a waiting list?

Yes, there is a non refundable fee of $15.

Do I need to live in the kindergarten catchment area?

No, there is no catchment area for gaining a place at our kindergarten, anyone can put their child’s name on the waiting list. Your child must however turn 4yrs by 30th June of the year they are enrolled.

How early can I enrol my child into the Kindergarten?

After the birth of your child, you can fill in an enrolment form and put their name on a waiting list. Please note that placing your child’s name on the waiting list does not automatically guarantee that the child will be enrolled at the centre. The sooner you put down your child’s name on the waiting list, the better the chance of getting a place.

Will I have to pay fees when my child is sick or on holidays?

Yes, kindergarten fees are set based on children attended all programmed days so fees are payable for the program whether your child attends or not.

Do I have to be part of a Committee?

The centre is operated by a management committee which is elected from the current parent body. The committee is formed at the Annual General Meeting and participation on the committee is optional.

Do parents help with fundraising for the kindergarten?

As we are a community based kindergarten, we only receive a certain amount of government subsidies for running our kindergarten. In order to keep our fees within the means of families, we do run fundraising activities.

The committee includes an Fundraising Team who are responsible for organising the fundraising events. Parents are encouraged to support these events.

Do I provide food for my child?

Children bring their own morning tea and lunch. At Manly Community Kindergarten we believe that good nutrition is essential for good health, growth and development so we encourage healthy food choices.

If your child has specific dietary requirements, please let our staff know.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please email us at or call our Kindergarten on (07) 3396 5754 and speak to a member of staff.