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For more than 20 years, families have experienced the memorable environment of our special kindy. Here’s what some of them have said on our Facebook page:

As soon as we saw Manly C Kindergarten we knew it was perfect! The outdoor environment is amazing for the children, as is the teachers and staff! We couldn’t have wished for more caring & nurturing teachers for our son. His confidence and skills have improved so much. We highly recommend this kindy to all families, such a great start to their learning years.


I couldn’t recommend a better place to send your children! I have sent both my daughters here and they both love it. The staff are really friendly, caring and great educators! Most importantly, I have two very happy confident girls! I will never forget how sad my eldest daughter was on her last day, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place.


Most awesome kindy ever!!!! My son had an amazing year here 2 years ago ago and my daughter is enjoying every moment of her year here in 2015. The staff are caring and supportive, the environment is spectacular in every way and my daughter would love to be here 5 days every week if she could 🙂 We’ll both be very sad when this year is over.


I can’t convey enough how pleased I am with my sons experience here! The staff are fantastic and he has learnt so much in just one term. The environment provides a wonderful balance of outside space with a colourful inside area. My boy is thriving :-))


My son had Sensory Processing Disorder, so imagine my complete amazement when, for the first time since he was born, he didn’t scream when I left him behind. That was on DAY ONE at Manly Kindergarten!!! The place is magical, and he must have felt that and felt so at home, because I have never seen him thrive like that, free from anxiety. It really set him up for his schooling career, and my daughter is there now, with EXACTLY the same results: just SO HAPPY. I couldn’t recommend this place more.


I’m so delighted with Manly Kindy! The staff are wonderful educators and my son couldn’t be happier. I only wish I had sent my daughter here too. It’s such a special place.


From the beautiful natural surroundings, to the sincere care of the amazing teaching staff, this Kindy is simply amazing!