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We would like to offer your business the chance to support Manly Community Kindergarten, which is a not-for-profit centre, meaning all funds raised go back into the kindergarten to replenish resources and upgrade facilities.

Our kindergarten enjoys strong links to the community and we offer sponsors the chance to promote their goods and services to parents with children located in and around the Wynnum-Manly-Lota plus surrounding areas, and through them in turn a wider circle of friends and family. Sponsorships may take the form of cash or in kind contributions. In exchange, we can offer your logo or ad placement in newsletters, Facebook and website, collateral in the Kindy and of course, word of mouth referrals, website traffic and goodwill within the community.

To secure your Sponsorship, please email [email protected] or call (07) 3396 5754 today.

Current Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for their valuable support.

5 Ways Staying Active Outdoors Can Benefit Your Health

It can’t be denied that outdoor activities can benefit your health. In fact, there’s plenty of scientific research that backs up the idea. Especially with children, outdoor activity is necessary for the development of healthy minds and bodies.

Despite the evidence that outdoor activities will benefit health, most societies have become sedentary. Technology has taken over, and it’s more common to find children playing on video game consoles and tablets than on their trampolines or swingsets. If you want to create a great environment for your children, then you’ll need to encourage them to get out into the world.

Outdoor Activities Benefit Disease Resistance

You might want to protect your children from the dirt, grime, and germs that are outside, but actually exposing them to bacteria and viruses can be beneficial. Young immune systems develop from the germs that they’re exposed to, which means that if your child grows up isolated, they won’t develop key immunities. Teach your children good hygiene, but don’t worry if they sometimes get a little bit dirty when playing outside.

Your Kids Will Get Vitamin D Outdoors

The sun is the best source of Vitamin D, and direct exposure triggers a chemical reaction where the human body begins to produce this essential vitamin. The vitamin is essential for the prevention of conditions like rickets, and a couple of hours of daily sunlight exposure is all your children will need. Keep them inside during the middle of the day, but morning and afternoon sun is generally safe for exposure. Use a light sunscreen on your children if you live in an area with exceedingly high UV radiation.

Better Muscle Development and Improved Motor Skills

Running around outside, playing in a sandpit, or kicking a ball around, will all help your child to develop muscles and motor skills. Muscle development is essential to help prevent injuries and broken bones. Good muscle definition can also help to protect your children from weight gain and obesity. Motor skills can’t be learnt from passively watching TV, and video games can only develop some very specific hand eye coordination skills. Outside activity will provide better rounded motor skills that will help your child later in life.

Reduce Stress in Your Children

Anxiety and stress can occur naturally from social pressure and even academic pressure. Encouraging your children to play outside will allow them to expend energy and release endorphins. This can improve their mood, reduce hyperactivity, combat stress, and eliminate anxiety. If you have a child that suffers from ADHD, outdoor activities can be a great form of therapeutic treatment.

Help Improve Vision

Some studies, such as one performed by the Optometry College at Ohio State University, have found that natural light can improve vision, and is easier on the eyes than the artificial light created by televisions, computer monitors, and cell phones. 14 hours of natural light per week can help to reduce the chances of your child developing short sightedness. It is clear that if you want to protect your children and create the best conditions for their development, you will have to get them used to an outdoor routine. Try to create fun activities for them to do outside, and most importantly, join them outdoors so that you can set the right example. The team at Vuly love working with the local community in helping to promote healthy and active kids.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Since 1927. Only 12km from Brisbane City, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary with over 130 koalas.

Aussie World Entry includes unlimited rides and shorter queues on over 30 rides and attractions for the young and young at heart including water ride Plunge, water play area Leak’n Logs, thrill ride Redback and fun Giant Slide.

Perrys Fruit Market has been supplying top quality fruit and vegetables in the Wynnum/Bayside area for over 40 years!